Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things I {don't} Love

Melissa at Lulu and Sweet Pea hosts a link up called Things I {don't} love and it sounded fun, so I am linking up this week!

1. Having to eat your words. So, remember this post? Yep, yesterdays post. Well, I was wrong. And I am embarrassed. No, I didn't post that and then my package showed up at my door, although that would be my luck, and probably a better story. What did happen though, was that A finally emailed me back and said she had sent my package on the 25th. It was supposed to be sent out by the 20th and since I had never heard from her I assumed {now I believe that to assume makes an ass out of you and me...get it? Ok} that she was not sending anything. So I am sorry to A and to you guys for making you temporarily hate on this mysterious A. I'm pretty sure she doesn't follow or read my blog (another reason I thought she wasn't sending anything) but that was how I was feeling so that's what got posted. Please forgive me?

2. Being on a budget. Once Garrett graduated with his MBA and found a job, we started a budget. We keep up with all of our income as well as expenses. We have to start paying back school loans in May, and let me tell ya it won't be cheap! The University of Denver is an expensive place to learn. Anywho, having a budget has seriously cut down on random shopping sprees, which I miss.

3. Justin Timberlake's new album and hair. Y'all, I am sorry but I'm not into it. Yeah, I like Suit and Tie but I'm not digging the whole album. I do think he's hot, minus the hair.

4. Living 11+ hours away from friends and family. I love Denver and all but this not seeing friends and family except on holidays thing is for the birds. Making new friends as an adult is difficult, I just want my old friends to move here. Same with my family and Garrett's. I can't imagine still living here when we have kids, that'll be even harder. Hopefully things will work themselves out by then. 

What are you not loving today??

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  1. It's ok girl, there is a deadline for that exact reason! And yeah, I didn't even buy the JT album. I know, I shocked myself. I bought Blake Sheltons instead and am so glad I did. <33333 you!!

  2. Awww! I think your post yesterday was honest and truthful.
    It's how you were feeling and you deserve to be able to let that out sometimes!

    I do love JT's new CD, but it took some warming up to do. At first I was like "ehhh" but now I'm kind of obsessed.

    What am I not loving?
    I have none.

    I am anxious for a few things we're working on and even though we're just in the beginning, I want results! LOL! :)

    Happy Thursday!

  3. I'm glad that someone isn't in to JT's new album. Everyone keeps saying how amazing it is but I've heard it's all slow jamz and I'm kind of not into that idea. Also, I don't think you are really eating your words from yesterday. Sending something late and not responding still isn't cool. You had every right to be bummed.

  4. Aww I'm glad you got your box! I'm not really into JT either so don't feel bad!

  5. I'm not really into JT's new album either. I do like Mirrors but that's really about it. It's just a little weird for me. He's very original, so I give him props for that, but it's not my taste. I'm glad you got your box, and you shouldn't feel bad about your post. She still should have contacted you and sent it on time.

  6. I'm not loving all the work I have today. BOO! But I am loving that I'm off tomorrow. Glad you got the gift. Oh well, it happens. She may have started to read your blog though so she could read your reveal post. Budgets an be annoying but I'm soooo used to it. I was born with a budget. It's how I roll. Sorry you miss your family. I'm lucky mine is close but that probably won't always be the case.

  7. ah yes living on a budget. I don't think I'll ever "not" live on one lol. Have a great Easter weekend :)

  8. I find it strange that A isn't following you. I thought one of the other reasons for the Cara Box was to meet new Blogging friends. Seems some people have missed the point. I hope you get your package!

    Sometimes, I imagine moving far away from my friends and family, but I don't know if I could do it. I hope you get to see them soon. :)

  9. I hate living so far from family too. It's so rough!

  10. Aw, I love JT's album. It's not like the last two at all though.

  11. well I'm glad A did actually send the package!

  12. I feel you on the living far away thing...we don't have any friends or family close either and it's really hard sometimes!

    And I'm not digging the new JT stuff I've heard so far- though I have to admit I haven't heard much, so maybe I shouldn't be so quick to judge.

    Thanks so much for linking up! Hope you stop by next week too :)

  13. I'm glad the package got figured out...don't beat yourself up! :) I was thinking the same thing about Justin Timberlake's album...I haven't heard all the songs, but the ones that I have I'm not in love with. I like him and this he has a sexy-ness about him but I agree, the hair doesn't do it for him!

  14. We're 16 hours away from family - so I definitely know what you mean! It's horrible :(