Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Confessions

1. I confess that I haven't felt like blogging lately. Or even reading any blogs. What is wrong with me? Usually that is the first thing I look forward to doing in the mornings...getting up, reading your blogs, and writing my own. Lately I have felt like I have nothing to blog about. Do you ever feel this way? Hopefully I snap out of it soon!

2. I confess that I think this whole GFC/Bloglovin' thing is really annoying. I was just getting excited about my new followers on GFC and now that might go away and I have to try and convince them to switch to Bloglovin and follow me there? DUMB. I've heard so many things about this whole ordeal so who knows what's even going on. Maybe it is all a conspiracy by Bloglovin' to get users? I bet that's what it is!

3. I confess that my parents visited last week and I do not have a single picture to prove it. Granted, we didn't really do anything picture-worthy but still, I usually atleast get a couple for the blog. Shame on me.

4. I confess that G and I watched not one, but two John Travolta movies last night. Pulp Fiction and Grease. Guess which one I chose? : )

5. I confess that I somewhat ruined the surprise of Taylor Swift's Red Tour for myself by watching YouTube videos of her first show last week in Omaha. That show is going to be sweet. I can't wait!

And because every post needs atleast a picture, here is a cute picture of my cats:
You're welcome! : )


  1. I haven't felt much like blogging lately, either. Preparing a post nearly everyday in the month of Feb was great, but it was also exhausting! The GFC fiasco was getting to me too. But, it has been fun to see that I really do have a lot of readers, not just "followers." I love Grease!!

  2. I feel the same way about blogging lately! I have been in a funk and am glad I am not the only one! It was so much easier when I was just a blog stalker ;) I am terrible about taking pictures too! That is a goal for the month!

  3. My post today talks about how I feel the same way about blogging sometimes. And don't even get me started on the GFC thing! Ugh, why would they do that. And keeeeekeeeeee's!! Aren't they sweet!!

  4. I've been growing my blog through GFC too and I'm so bummed that's not the way to go anymore! Stupid Google! :-) I also know just how you feel about blogging... sometimes it's just too much and you're just posting because you feel the need to. I think that when that happens you need to step back and wait for inspiration. (Although I'll miss reading your blog if you do take a little break)

  5. I totally agree with you about the GFC/Bloglovin' thing being super annoying. I'm convinced that just because Google READER is being shutdown, doesn't mean GFC will be too.

    Your cats are just too cute! That is a really good picture!

  6. i think it's good to take a breather every now and then from blogging. i love to write and post when i'm really feeling it. it's most fun, relaxing and therapeutic then. umm, you know i LOVE that photo of the kitties...ahh, steve would love it too. they are adorable!!
    i'm with ya on the gfc thing. they have said the same thing twice in the past couple years and it always stays! i think it will stay! :)
    i hope you have a wonderful monday! xoxox

  7. The blogging blahs happens to everyone I think! Just don't force it and you'll get your groove back. Nothing compares to a live performance. It'll still be awesome when you finally go to see her in person. I'd be super angry if I had 1k GFC followers but even with what I do have it's kind of a bummer. I worked hard for every one!

  8. Awwww I love that picture of the sweet!! Seems like just yesterady I was chillin' with them in the living room late at night :). And I hear you on number one....we had so much company that I haven't had a chance to blog lately but I haven't really missed it either. And now I'm kindof uninspired. Hopefully we'll get motivated again soon! And with the GFC followers, I've been reading a lot about that too!!! So weird. I remember seeing the same things about a year ago though and nothing ever happened, so I kindof think it's just made up like you said. We can only hope...that would suck!

    Wish you had gotten some pictures of your parents visit but glad it went well and you got to see them! I know that was a treat for you guys. Love you and miss one day this week?? Call me when you're free!!

    1. I wish you were chillin' with them now...and with me! : ) We miss you! Calling you soon!

  9. Haha I find the whole bloglovin thing annoying too, lol, but I'll deal.

    Love Grease and Pulp Fiction! Now I want to watch both.

    Your cats are so adorable!

  10. i hoping the gfc is not true! It makes me mad too! but it was really easy to login to bloglovin and import all the blogs I follow. hopefully more people will do that so you'll just transfer your followers!

  11. Every once in a while I get that--I don't want to blog, I don't want to read blogs, I don't even want to know that blogs exist...feelings. I don't know why. Usually after a few days I"m back to loving it, so who knows....
    I also lean toward the idea that the whole bloglovin' thing is a grand conspiracy.