Friday, February 22, 2013

Cash Wrap Rant

If you are like I was before I worked at Victoria's Secret, you may have no Earthly idea what the hell cash wrap is. 
Cash wrap = Cash register. {But, you probably already knew that.}
Why am I talking about a cash register?
Answer: Because I had a dream about one last night.
"Dreams are like pictures. If I'm not in them, and no one is having sex, I don't want to hear about them." -Dennis, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

That's how I typically feel about sharing my dreams, and about hearing other people's. Not the sex part, just the "if I am not in them" part.
But, this has a point, I promise.

So, anyways, in my dream I was working at a grocery store, checking people out. 
And I sucked.
I was sloooow, kept having to call the manager for help, and the customers were getting uppity.
Basically, it was an exact reflection of real life.

When I was 16, I worked at a grocery store. In my early 20's I worked at CVS, and at 24, Victoria's Secret. At all 3 places, I had to work at the register. 
And at all 3 places, I hated the register. 

If I think of a time that I felt under the most pressure, it was working at a cash register. There's nothing worse than having a long line of grumpy mall-goers and not knowing if you are supposed to scan their 10% off card first or their black, lacy bra, and when you do figure it out, not knowing how to even find the place on the computer to enter in said information. Then there's your boss standing behind you, judging you, and gently reminding you to ask if they have an Angels card, and if they don't "Would they like one? It can save you money!".
I hated it.
Needless to say, I woke up from my dream feeling stressed out. And then I laughed when I realized it was just a dream. Thank God

Have you ever worked at a cash register? Did it stress you out as much as it did me?

I hope like heck I never have to work behind one again.
Even that will be too soon.
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Happy Friday! : )



  1. I STILL have nightmares about waitressing, and I haven't done it in like 7 years. I HATED it and have an appreciaton for waitresses & waitors now :)

  2. What?! You worked at a grocery store? How did I not know this?? Brookeshires? I'm seriously racking my brain right now and for the life of me cannot recollect this piece of information! I DO remember the other two places...maybe I'm just going crazy. Definitely going crazy.

    I have nightmares about waitressing too! Being "in the weeds" especially. Isn't it the best feeling though when you wake up and realize it WAS just a dream? Best.feeling.ever. Except when Adam Levine is in your dream...then you cry when you wake up......just sayin.

    Miss you and love you and hope you and G have an awesome weekend!!!!

    1. Haha I just read this out loud to G and we laughed. Yes, I used to work at Brookshires when I was 16. Not for long though, I hated it! My boss was mean! I have had dreams about waitressing too, where I couldn't keep up with what everyone needed. Those are bad! Next time Adam is in your dream, send him over to mine too! : ) Love you and I hope y'all have a good weekend too! Talk to you soon!

  3. man I know that feeling! I worked in fast food and one time in the drive thru, some guy rambled off his order way too fast and i got flustered and forgot to take my hand off the intercom and said "WHOA!" and he heard me. He said "well i have never heard of the "whoa" burger but I'll give it a try!" I was so embarrassed. Man i hated working behind a cash register!

  4. I used to be a cashier manager at Sears, so I totally know what you mean. People totally underestimate the difficulty and pressure of people who work the cash registers. It really is a difficult job!

  5. loved this post!! i worked at a consignment shop about five years was in such snooty town and some of the customers were SO rude. i didn't love working at the register either. Especially when the customers would get mad that they weren't getting what they wanted for their clothing. and my boss was a crazy looney lady who was constantly frazzled. don't miss that place one bit. glad it was just a dream. :) have a fabulous weekend! xoxox

  6. I once had a dream about my first job (working at Pizza Hut) that woke me up crying. Haha. I was glad to find out that one was a dream. :-)

  7. Haha I used to work in the ticket booth at a movie theatre and would have dreams like that where I woke up all stressed out! It's kind of like working as a zoo animal, spending hours in a little glass box having people stare at you... odd.


  8. Totally hear you on this one...I worked at American Eagle all throughout college and I hated working behind the cash wrap. Not to mention I sucked at getting credit cards and all that extra BS. haha I will be forever grateful if I have folded my last jean and busted through a ridiculously long tax free weekend line at the cash wrap.

  9. YES! I worked at the Gap in high school, and there was nothing worse than when the paper ran out with a long line of customers... or Black Friday... yikes! I am not sad to be done with retail :)

    Pearls & Paws

  10. I think we're destined to be friends - seriously. We're both working on this dang 5k thing and I also worked at Victoria's Secret and HATED the cash register. That said, I never actually worked the register. I was pretty good at selling, so my managers always had me on the floor. Although, I'm pretty sure I hated working in pink than I ever would have at the register. Pink was the worst... All the mom's that got angry their 12 year old bought thongs that said delicious or eat me.... It's not my fault you did not supervise your child at the mall. :).

    Hope you're having an excellent day :)

  11. Hi .. so I just started at victorias secret and would love to know how to work the cash wrap I bascially have to my next shift and I'm so clueless!! Can you tell me what the steps are?