Wednesday, February 6, 2013

T Swizzle's Best 5. Like, Ever.

Hey y'all!

Today I want to play fashion magazine and rank Taylor Swift's best 5 looks ever. If you know me, or have kept up with my blog, you probably aren't too surprised I chose her! It was hard, as her style has changed so much over the past couple of years, but I think I have it narrowed down to my personal favorites. Most, if not all, are from 2012-2013! 
So, drum roll....

Number 5:
This was pre super-straight hair and bangs and before her days of wearing pretty much only red lipstick. Regardless, this dress looks great on her. Conservative, yet sexy, with the slit and color choice!

 Number 4...
I love the vintage look of this one. I also love the fact that she is showing off her legs while keeping her chest and arms covered. Great way to show off your legs without showing off too much. Her makeup goes perfectly with this dress too, a light lip and smoky eyes. Perfect!

Number 3...
Loving the long sleeves mixed with the short skirt and deep neckline. She looks grown up! Wavy hair and light makeup keep the look not too fancy.

Number 2...
I LOVE this dress! The lace, the red, the fit...everything! It looks so romantic! She looks so beautiful in it. Straight, uncomplicated hair and smoky eyes are perfect for this! 

Number 1...
I'm not sure what it is about her in this dress, but I love it. She looks sexy, classy, and grown up. I love the white, the deep neckline paired with the long cut of the dress and the fact that she has her hair pulled back to show off the neckline. Everyone is calling this her "revenge dress" for Harry Styles, I agree. Girlfriend looks hot!

Images via Google Images.

Those are my personal favorites of her outfits, what do you think? 
Who's style would you love to steal?

Happy Wednesday y'all!


  1. These are amazing picks!! Wow, she's fabulous!!

  2. I LOOOOVE #4 and #1. #4 is just all around amazing. great choices!

  3. I'm with Meighan. I need 4 and 1 in my closet NOW. Although I wouldn't look nearly as sexy in them.

  4. Obsessed with all of these looks!! #3 needs to show up at my door tomorrow! Stunning!


  5. # 2 is my favorite..

  6. i love the vintage look on her...oh, that dress is AMAZING!!! she looks beautiful in every single dress. i love how she looks like a completely different person when she switches her hair/bangs.
    she's a classy lady! :)
    have a wonderful thursday! xoxox

  7. she is so pretty! I love her hair! i want to steal jennifer aniston's hair and style!

  8. I have such a crush on her. She's a doll no matter what.

    My favorite here has got to be that red dress.... Swoon....

    So sexy and daring yet still covering and conservative.

  9. She's gorgeous! I'm glad she branched out from red lipstick just to change things up a little. Pretty much the only thing people ever criticize her for is being boring and not changing her look but she looks so dang good that I guess she figures why mess with it!!

  10. T Swizzle...hahaha! I knew immediately who you were talking about before I even saw this post. You hit the nail on the head...these are definitely AMAZING looks on her! I think my fave is number 2...the red lace number...I can totally see you wearing that too! I think it's made for a tall blonde like T (and you) looks ah-maaaazing on her. She is so gorgeous!

  11. Great picks! One and four are my faves!