Monday, February 11, 2013

Grammy's Thoughts

Did you watch the Grammy's last night?

Usually I only watch a couple of performances and get bored with it, but this year I watched the whole thing. All 3 and a half hours of it. {Wasn't that unusually long?}

Anywho, I just wanted to blab about it on the 'ol blog and see what you guys thought about them as well!

1. I loved the fact that Taylor performed at the very beginning of the show. Usually I have to wait until the very end to see her performance, and let's be honest, she's usually the only person I watch! However, I didn't really get the whole ring master and circus theme. Doesn't have one single thing to do with the song, it was cool to watch though and I guess that was the point. 

Did you catch that she said, "I still love you" in a British accent? I thought it sounded kind of weird but totally missed the whole Harry Styles reference. There are some really mad 1-Directioners out there. {Is that what they call themselves?}
Only she could still look beautiful in this hat and outfit.

2. Was Kelly Clarkson drunk? When she got up to accept her award she seemed to have a difficult time getting to the stage, and then once she got on the stage she said the most random things! But then when she sang, she seemed like her normal self and did a great job. 

3. I decided I really like Hunter Hayes. And the Lumineers. And Mumford and Sons. And Zac Brown Band.

4. I decided that {please don't unfollow me because of this} I still think Carrie Underwood is just ok. Sure, she can sing. To me it always sounds too overpowering and it's just not my thing. But, she seems like a sweet girl so I like her for that. : ) Oh, and I didn't love her performance dress either. {I know, I suck.}

5. Miranda Lambert's song "Over You" makes me cry literally every time I hear it. Losing those I love is my greatest fear and that song captures that emotion and I love it. And also hate it for messing up my make up.

6. In my opinion, Rihanna and Taylor Swift won Best Dressed. Rihanna looked so beautiful in red {her lipstick matched her dress perfectly!}, and I loved the Grecian style of Taylor's dress.

7. Adele won Worst Dressed. I'm sorry, but I couldn't like that dress. It's ugly.

8. And last, but not least, I'm still not sure what I thought about Justin Timberlake's performance. I thought he looked pretty hot and did a good job, just not too crazy about the song. Yet. I probably will be soon.

Who was your favorite to watch? Who did you think was best/worst dressed?


  1. I thought it was so funny that she called out Harry Styles w/ the British accent and the "I'm busy opening up the Grammys!" At this point, guys should just know better. I loved it.

    And I just think Carrie Underwood is amazing. I have loved her since American Idol. But you're right about her dress... I didn't understand that nonsense.

    And Let's not get me started on JT. ahhhh, swoon.

  2. We didn't watch the Grammy's, but I'm so glad you posted Taylor's performance! What is up with the circus theme? Strange. My Facebook feed blew up about JT's performance, so I'll have to Google that. Rihanna looked gorgeous! And Carrie and Adele's outfits were hideous. Wow. New follower from Brittany!


  3. I agree with you on pretty much everything except Carrie Underwood. I absolutely love her (but the dress was awful)! I also get so emotional when I hear Miranda's Over You song. You must go see her live in concert, she is amazing!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing all this! I didn't watch the Grammy's and was telling Steve he should have dvr'd it. We watched the Walking Dead. Taylor looks so cute in the white outfit!! Um, I love Hunter Hayes. When his songs come on the radio I blast them and feel goofy bc he looks and seems so young to me...I love his voice and think he's a sweetheart! And I'm in love with Rhianna...that red dress is gorgeous on her! "Over You" makes me and my mom cry so hard...such a sweet song. Thanks for the photos and post! Have a sweet night! Xoxo

  5. Taylor swift is looking stunning..

  6. I'm definitely not a taylor swift fan for many reasons, but I agree with you on her and rihanna being best dressed. And yeah, the Carrie underwood morph dress wasn't actually that cool. It was just a really good video projector, not the dress itself, so I don't see what the big deal was.

  7. I love The Lumineers and Mumford and Son, but I really don't Hunter Hayes or the Zac brown Band. I actually loved Carrie's dress, the projections were totally cool in my opinion. I definitely think Adele was the worst dressed, loved her dress last year though.
    And I think Katy Perry's dress was gorgeous.
    Overall I loved the whole show :)

  8. I just started watching the grammy's tonight. I stopped right before Maroon 5's performance. I saw your comment on Cece's blog about maybe joining in the click chicks photo challenge. I just wanted to let you know we link up every Thursday and this week's theme is hearts! So I hope you link up!

  9. havnt seen the grammys yet, not sure when they will be on tv here. rihanna looked stunning though. it was a shame adele didnt look so great although her make up was fine xxx

  10. I was thinking the same thing about Kelly Clarkson!! It was bizzare...

  11. I didn't watch the grammys so I was so happy to get this recap. I had no idea that that was what Tay Tay wore for her performance. AWful! Who is in charge of costuming? I just found your blog and I have really enjoyed your writing and getting to know you better. Hope you don't mind if I follow along!

    new follower :)

  12. i only saw a little bit of it but love looking at all their dresses!!

  13. All I watched was E's "Live from the red carpet", so I'm glad you posted this to fill me in! I did see Taylor and Rihanna's dresses and completely agree that they were best dressed....LOVE Rihanna in that color. Ummmm whaaaaaat was Adele thinking? That dress is hideous. Hid-e-us. I'm sad I missed Taylor's performance but you're right, the circus theme seems kinda random. Lucky for her she can pull anything off!

  14. I think that Kelly Clarkson is just Kelly Clarkson. Her personality is exactly the way she accepted her award. I like her.

    I know that you love Taylor Swift so if you don't unfollow me for saying this then I won't unfollow you for not liking Carrie Underwood much ... but Taylor is getting on my nerves.

    Miranda Lambert is amazing!

    I think Justin's song is the type of song that you have to hear a few times and then all of a sudden you don't remember why you didn't love it the first time listening to it.