Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I'm Loving...

I'm loving these Special K breakfast sandwiches. Seriously, they are really delicious! They keep me feeling full for several hours and are only 240 calories. There are several different kinds but I will probably stick with the sausage, egg, and cheese. 

I'm loving these shoes I got a couple of weeks ago from Target. They are similar to Toms but are more comfortable. {Atleast I think they are more comfy, I don't own any Toms, I have just tried them on and they were too uncomfortable to buy.} Target has probably 10 different patterns and colors and they are only $20!
{I've got my eye on the camo pair too!}

I'm loving the huge snow flakes that are falling right now in Denver. Snow falling literally mesmerizes me. It is one of the most beautiful things nature has to offer, I love it!

I'm loving that the Valentine's candy is on sale! We went this weekend and loaded up. I also got Valentine's themed Funfetti cake mix on sale. That's the best!

I am really loving this book. It is my new favorite book. I finished it about a week ago and Garrett decided to read it and he has been reading it out loud to me. That is how much I love it, I was ready to read it again and I never reread books. If you are looking for something to read, please read this so we can discuss it! 
Word on the street is that it will be a movie!

I am also loving my sweet new blog followers! Thanks so much for stopping by and following along!
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  1. I really need to go to Target tomorrow and see if there's any leftover V-Day sale candy...I went to Wal Mart on the 15 and it was already really picked over :(. I wanna read that book! I wish I had time...I read so much while pregnant but now I never get a free minute. Maybe someday soon! And that snow picture is gorgeous...Denver is so beautiful!

  2. Whitney I just stumbled across your blog and love it! Two things - 1st...Toms aren't all they are cracked up to be. While adorable, they don't last long. I got a pair over thanksgiving and they already have a hole in the heel! 2nd - SNOW! I am so jealous of your beautiful surroundings. I grew up in Montana and now live in SoCal and miss the snow more than anything. I will live vicariously through the picture you posted!

  3. I've been wanting to try those breakfast sandwiches but was a little afraid they'd be awful. :) I'll have to pick some up at the store Friday!

  4. I really liked that book too. BUT I found myself getting angry at my husband during it. There was a point I had to put it down and take a break so I wouldn't start a fight with him :)

  5. I just finished Gone Girl last night!

  6. Lots of great pics and posts here! Love the Target Toms look-a-likes! Will have to go check them out! My BookClub just read Gone Girl - we all LOVED it! Have a Sunshiny day!

  7. I've heard Tom's were super comfy but I've never tried the original kind. I have the wedges and I love them. That might have to be my next book. I haven't read a book in way long, too long.

  8. Candy and funfetti cake- what more do you need?

  9. Oh my goodness I need to see if my local grocery store carries those Special K breakfast sandwiches! They look really good for only 240 calories!

  10. I'll have to try those breakfast sandwiches!

    Those shoes look just like Toms and look so comfy! I'm loving camo right now. Just bought camo pants at the Gap and i'm obsessed with them.

    I think snow is gorgeous too ... when it gets dirty it gets so annoying and then i just want it all gone. if only it will stay white all winter long.

    haha, i did the same with the V day candy. i probably shouldn't have because now i have to eat it all and start eating healthier after ;)

  11. I love that all the Valentine's Day candy is on sale too...omygosh, it's so hard to resist buying it when it's less than a buck! :) The funfetti cake looks amazing! I can always count on coming to your blog and seeing something amazingly good and sweet!
    Those shoes DO look comfy!
    I hope your day has been wonderful so far. <3<3<3

  12. Those Target shoes are too cute! And I've heard so many good things about Gone Girl - enjoy it!

    Pearls & Paws

  13. i am still telling people about gone girl, and I read it a year ago almost! it is fantastic and I have read several places that Reese Witherspoon is playing Amy!!

    Just found your blog, and so glad I did!

    Happy Friday!!

  14. I loved Gone Girl all the way through until the end. The ending sucked.