Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Color Run

Garrett and I signed up for a 5K.
I can't believe I just said that. Or that we did that.
I am definitely not a runner!

Something about this specific race {the Color Run} sounded like a ton of fun!

 If you have never heard of it before, basically you wear all white and there are different "color zones" where people throw colored paint {or powder or something} on you. So, in the end, you are covered in different colors from head to toe! 

While it is a race, it' more about having fun and getting covered in paint than it is about times and running your hardest. And I am ok with that.

Don't get me wrong, I still have to "train". 
If I don't I will come in last after walking the whole thing. I atleast want to {try to} run.

Have you ever ran a 5K or something bigger? Any tips for getting prepared to do it?

I realize this is just a little over 3 miles, but for me that is alot
It's not until June, so I have time to get off my {lazy} butt and start running.

We are excited to do this together and hopefully we will end up with some cute pictures! 


  1. I have ran a 5k. I didn't have to train for it and I walked a little towards the end but otherwise did okay. I'm NOT a runner either! It's better for me not to train because I have bad knees and by the time the race came they would be messed up if I did. Any longer though and I probably couldn't do it 'cause I would have to train and that wouldn't work with my knees. You can totally do it! This sounds like a fun one.

  2. I want to do one of these runs! My sister actually did one last year and loved it! They look like so much fun, even though i am NOT a runner either!

  3. That sounds so fun! Kuddos to you and G for setting a goal like that...I wish we had motivation to run but with both of our knees (and hatred for running in general) I don't see it happening. Austin has a half marathon to benefit cancer research that we've wanted to do (Z did it in grad school!) but never have together. This run looks fun!! I'm proud of y'all!

  4. Have you checked out the Couch to 5K? It is a free training program for non-runners to get them to a 5k. I did it and I swear by it!

  5. Yay!! Good for you!! I've heard the run is fun (if fun is such a thing when talking about running). And that's awesome you're doing it together :)

  6. Congrats on an awesome decision!! I look forward to following your journey to a 5K on here :)

  7. I walked a 5k once with a lot of girls from work. There were some SERIOUS runners and I was like, nuh-uh! A girl here at work actually asked me yesterdat to do the color run and I think it sounds like a lot of fun. Ours isn't until September so I (hopefully) can get it together by then! Sounds like a LOT of fun!

  8. that is so exciting! that looks like such a fun race!

  9. I run a 5k almost every weekend, but your first one can be a little scary..and by a little I mean a lot. If you do decide to start running, 3 miles will become a warm up for you. I follow Hal Higdon's marathon/half-marathon training guides. If you want something free though check out They have all kinds of information on there for runners. The training time for a 5k is not long at all and you will be surprised with how quickly your body adapts to running. If you start running you will see weight and inches literally melting off of's super awesome!!!! Reading your blog made me super happy...I'm hoping you decide to become part of the "running club." It will change your life. I know it sounds a little crazy. I'm doing my first color run in April and I'm super excited. If you need any tips or anything just holler at me!!!!

  10. I have wanted to do one of these color runs since I first saw them, but I'm scared of running! lol There is one in Houston soon, so we'll see if I can get the motivation. Awesome to hear y'all are doing this!

  11. Congratulations, Whitney...the Color Run sounds like so much fun and such an amazing experience! I've always wanted to do this! My mom and I ran a half marathon four and a half years ago and I've run a few 10ks. It is so exhilerating. You will do amazing. I can't wait to read about it and see your photos! Xoxox

  12. I'm doing the Color Me Rad 5k in May in Oklahoma City and training for it right now too! I'm doing a Couch to 5k training program right now that is good, but also kicking my butt. I can't wait to read more about your adventures with this!