Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Eve: Presents at the Cyperts!

Christmas Eve night, after bingo and White Elephant, we opened our gifts out at the Cypert's house. 
I love opening gifts with them! 

Everyone sits down, goes one at a time, and gets to see what everyone else got. This is perfect for my weird obsession over opening gifts one at a time and really savoring it.

We all wore our Santa hat's and listened to Christmas music. It was fun and perfect!

 I took a ton of pictures, I know you are surprised, so here's some of us getting busy unwrapping our gifts!

Isn't Garrett's grandma the cutest?

I wish I could relive this day and Christmas over again. As glad as we were to be home, we miss having our families around, eating delicious food, and talking and laughing at each other.
If only Denver were closer to Sweetwater!


  1. Such a fun day!! You all look so happy!
    We kinda open gifts one at a time too with my mom and makes it so special!
    I hope you and Garrett have a wonderful first weekend of 2013!

  2. I just love these pictures. They are so sweet. Why does Christmas have to happen once a year? So unfair.

  3. Y'all got some great stuff! I love your pink Santa look so pretty!

  4. Whitney! We wear pink santa hats too! You will have to check out my blog post for tomorrow to see our similar pink hats...but yours has pink fur and I love that! So cute! Love the pictures!

  5. What a fun family tradition of present opening. Even as I get older I still anticipate that part of Christmas so much.

  6. What a fun Christmas... and you know I'm lovin' all that Packer jazz :)

  7. This looks like so much fun! And where the heck did you get such an awesome Santa hat???