Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Blog Design and a GIVEAWAY!!

Hi y'all!

I finally grew super tired of my blog design and begged my husband to help me design a new one. Ok, I didn't really have to beg, he was pretty open to helping me out thank goodness. Otherwise, I would have found someone good and paid them to do it, because I am pretty close to being computer illiterate!

We sat at the computer for 2 straight days and I told him what I wanted and he designed everything. Basically, he did all of the work! And I LOVE how it turned out, it's exactly what I wanted!
A HUGE thank you to my wonderful, creative, and talented hubby!

Since I now have a new blog design, I wanted to celebrate it with a fun giveaway! I asked a couple of my favorite blogger friends if they would want to participate and to my surprise, several of them wanted to! I am so excited about my first giveaway!

So, no more waiting! Here are the prizes!

Lauren Conrad earrings from Keeping Up with the Cyperts!

$20 E-gift card to Starbucks from Frugalista Married!

$25 iTunes gift card from Heavens to Meighan!

Free ad space at My Darling Days!

$25 to Target from Life. Love and Marriage! 

How do I enter you ask?
Make sure to follow the 5 main giveaway hosts! That's the only "rule"!
(You have to actually go to that blogger's page and click "follow", not just the +2 below. That used to confuse me!) 


*Thank you to the 4 wonderful ladies who participated in the giveaway! I am so happy we are blogging friends and I am excited for new people to love you as much as I do!*


  1. Whitney I LOVE it! I'm so impressed you guys made it too! It looks SO good!

  2. it looks soooo good! he did an amazing job! and your vision for it, perfect!

    i mentioned the giveaway on my blog! woo-hoo!

  3. Love the new look! It fits your blog perfectly! Thanks for hosting this giveaway too!

  4. I love it!! Great job! I'm a little behind in the blog world so I'm excited to catch up on all your recent posts! Oh and I LOVE the Love Story idea...y'all are so cute!

  5. Love the new blog design!! So pretty!! Imma swipe your button for my blog. You can go swipe mine too, if you wish. laurenslatestblog.com

  6. La la LOVE the new design... is your hubby out for hire?! haha just kiddin'
    Well done though friends!

  7. whitney, i LOVE your new blog design!! you are garrett did such a fabulous job on it!! i love switching it up every now and then...so fun!
    thanks so much for the awesome giveaway...those lc earrings are so pretty. i hope you're having a fabulous day. <3

  8. LOVE the new design!! Great job, Whit and G! And these are amazing giveaway prizes too...wow! I love that you did a fun giveaway to debut your new blog design...you so smart :)

  9. Live the new blog design Whitney! I just read your love story... I didn't know you were high school sweethearts, so adorable!!

  10. Loves you, Whit! And I'm just now getting a chance to sit down and look at everything, but the giveaway looks great and your new blog design is FABULOUS! just like you, of course! Love!

  11. yay i entered :)
    im also having a giveaway. i hoep you check it out :)

    The DayLee Journal
    Mint Blouse GIVEAWAY

  12. So cute! I wish my hubby was that handy with a computer. Eh, he;s got his own talents :)

  13. Good job Garrett!! You think he would help out an old buddy :)

  14. Awesome giveaway! I hope you will add it to the Giveaway Link up! Just head over to GiveawayLinkUp.com!

  15. The new design looks great! And what a great giveaway!

  16. Loving your blog! Great job! xoxo Katie