Saturday, January 12, 2013

Stress, Stress Go Away...

I usually try to keep it pretty light on this blog. Try not to complain very often. 

I'm not sure why. I guess because I feel like no one wants to read about someone's stress, complaints, or unhappiness with something. But, thinking about it, several of my favorite bloggers have written about something that wasn't necessarily "happy" and I felt like those were what really helped me to understand them.

That they weren't living these perfect lives that blogland can sometimes conjure up. 

So now that I said all of that, I want, no need, to vent about this stress that Garrett and I have been going through.
Garrett graduated in June with his Masters of Business Administration. {MBA} Since then, and even way before, he has been working his ass off looking for jobs. It has been rough to say the least.

It seemed like no matter how many applications he submitted, he would never even hear back from them. No email even telling him, "no thanks". 

I have heard of it taking a long time for people to find jobs, especially with the job market the way it is now, but I always thought that it wouldn't happen to Garrett because he is the perfect candidate. I'm not just saying that because I am biased, he really is. He was valedictorian, he has written a published thesis, he was in the honors college, he was accepted into Denver University's MBA program where he worked hard and did great.Throughout his MBA process he worked part-time and kept internships. Basically he was a bad ass. {Now that I have said "ass" twice in this post, I will stop} The only thing counting against him is his lack of experience some of these older candidates have.

Now, 7 months after his graduation, he has a job offer. Two of them really.You would think that that would clear up any stress we have had. But, to me, it has done the opposite. Now we are dealing with deadlines to accept offers, people saying, "you will know by next week", and then not hearing anything for several days, possible employers saying they will call "tomorrow" and then not hearing from them until the following week. 

Basically, now that he has the opportunity to work for a company he would enjoy, it seems like it could so easily slip away. And that would mean that we are back to nothing. Like before, having to fill out application after application with no answer.

Don't get me wrong, I am extremely thankful that 2 companies have expressed interest in him, and that he really likes one of the companies. It's just even more scary now, to think that something could go wrong and he would have to start all over.

Like I mentioned earlier, we were supposed to know something yesterday but never got a phone call. I know that they are busy figuring out what they would have Garrett do, when he could start, and what they would potentially pay, but it's so nerve racking when we don't hear anything. We start to second guess if he even actually has a job there.

So, hopefully by this next week we will finally have some answers. Hopefully I can blog telling you that Garrett has accepted a job that he is excited to start and that our stress has significantly diminished. I have felt like this was going to happen for about a month, and it hasn't, so maybe this next week is finally going to be our week! : )


  1. I will keep you guys in my prayers, Whitney!!

  2. that is stressful! it's so hard waiting and then even now waiting on a phone call, and offers and decisions. will be thinking of you guys this week!

  3. I sure hope it is! He definitely deserves it! Thinking of you guys and keeping you in my prayers :)

  4. Sometimes it's so hard to tell people what I'm struggling with, I totally feel you there! I'm glad you shared this! I'm praying something great comes up for Garrett, and that your stress is soon relieved! Nice to 'meet' you today!

  5. I hope everything works out for y'all! And also, I added your button to my page. I have a couple on my button page so feel free to choose! :)

  6. My Husband was on a new job search in Nov and Dec, but stopped after finding out that a lot of the companies do not hire at the end of the year. Companies have yearly budgets and if they are over their budget or getting pretty close to it they stop hiring. I think this is pretty true because as soon January hit, he got a calls from different companies for an interview and he is doing his final onsite for one of them nxt week! So I'm sure your husband will hear good news as well!! Good Luck!! He is very lucky to have such a caring wife!!!
    Sorry this is like the longest comment.. I was just going through random blogs and I read this and I totally understood how stressful you were. Thought maybe you knowing this will help. (your husband should look in the silicon valley.. there is sooooo many companies here) ;]

  7. First of all, never feel bad for venting on your blog. One of the great things about blogging is that it's an outlet! Your blogging family is always here for you :)

    Secondly, please keep us posted on the two companies that are now expressing an interest in Garrett!

  8. uhg! stupid jobs and stupid growing up, right? i feel the same way right now. i know how stressful, disheartening, & depressing it is applying for job after job and seeing no results. by some stroke of luck, things WILL turn around. i promise. they always do. for some reason, this is God's plan for you right now (though i know it doesn't make any sense). keep your chin up & best of luck!

  9. Oh Whit...I'm so sorry that you guys are stressed! I know you've had this burden for so long and are just ready for it all to be over with. You're right, G deserves a great job...he's worked hard and the waiting game should be long over. I can't imagine how frustrating it's all been for both of you, and especially Garrett. Hard work should (and I believe WILL) pay off. Praying that you guys hear good news tomorrow...CALL ME! LOVE YOU.

  10. Found your blog through the blog hop! New follower:)
    Great blog!

  11. Venting and blowing out frustrations are always helpful in my opinion. Sometimes it's nice to know that others have problems and go through tough times just like the next person.

    I do hope things work out, and let us know the outcome!!

    *now your newest reader via greader. :)

  12. It's crazy how hard it is for educated people to find a job in their field. Hoping that you hear good news asap - I know that the waiting is difficult. Thinking positive for you and Garrett. I have a feeling good things are going to happen soon!

  13. I'm so sorry that you are having to deal with this. I can't imagine how stressful this must be for the both of you.

    Praying that you'll have good news to share with us soon :).

  14. Sending good thoughts your way that he gets that call that you are waiting for. How stressful; but it sounds like you are close. It really is sad that qualified people can't find good jobs these days.

  15. I'm so sorry for the stress you and Garrett have been under, Whitney! You will both be in my prayers. I hope this week brings good news your way and can help ease the stress and bring you much to smile about! You will be in my thoughts!! Please don't apologize for venting on your blog. I agree with you that it feels good to let it all out and write about what's on your mind.
    Sending love and prayers your way!

  16. I don't think there is anything wrong with venting a little on your blog. I enjoy the honesty! I'm so sorry y'all are under so much stress! I know everything will work out and Garrett will get an amazing job. He definitely deserves it! We will keep y'all in our prayers!