Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Puppy Fever to the Max!

I had puppy fever before we went to Texas to spend Christmas with our families.
I have had it for awhile now. Living in Denver, we see everyone with their dogs all. The. Time.

I go to the park to walk sometimes and to see everyone's dogs. I've also been known to make Garrett go to Petsmart with me just to see the dogs that people bring in with them.
That's how bad it is.

Going home made it worse. Now I have puppy fever big time.

My parent's got a puppy a couple months ago. His name is Max and he is a German Shorthaired Pointer. He's adorable, and has puppy breath, and is too hyper for his own good, and is all other things puppy. 

Garrett and I got him a Christmas present. This year was his first Christmas. He got a stuffed ducky and puppy shampoo.  He loved his duck!

Get ready for your heart to melt...

Bath time!

Now do you understand why I have such a severe case of puppy fever?
I even have the kind picked out that I want.
 Now if I can just talk Garrett into it...
And if we can get a house with a yard...


  1. My cold heart has officially melted. Gosh what a little cutie! Those eyes!

    Tell Garrett that I said that it is so wrong of him to keep you away from your puppy dreams. When he mentions something about not having a yard say I can't hear him ;).

  2. max is adorable!! he has a cute little face and sweet eyes!
    of course, i'm a crazy cat lady, but in the past few years, dogs/pups have really grown on me. if we didn't have 3 furballs, i would so get one! i'm with ya on going to petsmart...steve and i go in there all the time hoping to see kittens. :)
    hope you're having a great day! xoxox

  3. awe he is absolutely adorable! Want to puppy-sit for Harlee this weekend?? :)
    I hope you can talk him into it soon!!

  4. Max is beyond adorable!! WOW. He certainly loves that toy lol

  5. hahah I have puppy fever and I have 3 dogs!!!

  6. SO cute!! you do need a puppy!!!

  7. aww you would be such a good puppy momma, but what would your kitties think?? :)

  8. I am going through the same thing!!! Although, I avoid all "puppy run ins" as possible because my fever is so high ;)

    I know what kind and we even have names picked out :)

    Sigh... I feel your pain! :)