Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Eve: White Elephant & Bingo

Last year we started the tradition of having a White Elephant gift exchange out at Garrett's family's house. It's fun to have our families together as well as to laugh at the silly gifts everyone gets (or steals from one another). We played again this year and it was just as fun. I hope this is a tradition that lasts!

After eating Christmas Eve lunch Garrett and I went out to the Cypert's house to play bingo, and eat tamales. They have been doing this for years, and I am happy to be a part of it.
I was the first one to Bingo this year!

After several rounds of Bingo, of which I won at least 2 : ), my parents came out for our White Elephant gift exchange.

Yates is serious about his Bingo.

Julie let me open one of my presents early. 
It was my very own Santa hat. And it was PINK and SPARKLY! 
They wear Santa hats on Christmas Eve while opening gifts, so I was happy to have my own!

Mom went first and got some metal stars and a cute little basket.

Brett was number 2. He opened up 12 Coffees of Christmas. You can't tell from this picture, but he didn't like his gift and immediately began trying to bribe people to steal it from him. 

Eventually my dad ended up with it for my mom, so Brett got his way!

Dad was number 3. He opened up $10 in cash.
I love this picture, he looks so ornery.

Yates went next. He got a board game. 
Then it was Garrett's turn so he stole the board game from Yates.

Yates' next gift was from me. 
It was a bottle of ketchup, mustard, some cookies, grape juice, and a girly bath set. I couldn't help but laugh when he opened it. He tried to bribe people to steal his gift too. Meanie!

Then it was my turn!
Get ready to laugh at what I got!

They are Dallas Cowboys house shoes! They may be ugly, but they are warm and comfortable! I have been wearing them at home and I actually like them. Maybe I could buy some cute fabric and recover them?

Julie was one of the last ones, she got lottery tickets. I think she won a whole $5!
Mama C ended up with the $10, I think. 

There were quite a few laughs that night. Some people left happy with their gifts while others were still begging to trade. 

If you have never done a White Elephant gift exchange you should! They are great for family get-togethers and you can do all sorts of things with them such as themes, dollar amounts, whatever you want really.
(Here are the rules!)


  1. Ah, your White Elephant is G rated --- ours was definitely more R.... ;)

    What a fun night though - I'll have to remember BINGO for next year!

    I nominated you for an award! Check it out on my blog:

  2. What a fun tradition. I have done a white elephant party before but it seems like most of you actually got pretty cute stuff; we had some really bad stuff at ours! Oh, BTW-on NYE at a gathering we went to someone brought Apples to Apples! I thought of you. But, they decided on the other board game so I didn't get to try it out.

  3. you are always having tons of fun - i love it!! and those cowboys shoes DO look soo comfy!! yum to the tamales - i find myself always craving them and never really eating them. i need to work on that. ;)
    you are beautiful in the pink santa hat!!
    wishing you and garrett a wonderful, very happy new year!! xoxox

  4. My mother in law would LOVE those stars and basket! Her house is all about those neat little stars!

  5. We did a White Elephant gift exchange at my work Christmas part this year. It was fun!

  6. how fun! I used to have slippers like that - they were huge but so comfortable!