Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DIY {Dollar Tree} Valentine's Wreath

I literally own zero Valentine's decorations. None. Zilch. Nada.
So, when I saw this, I decided that I had to make it. Or something similar to it.

I bought all of my supplies and decided not to look at that tutorial until after I was done. That way, mine would turn out differently than the one that sparked the idea. I knew if I looked at her's I would want to copy it exactly because it is so cute.

All supplies, minus the spray adhesive and "Shaved Ice", are from Dollar Tree!

You will need:
Hot glue gun, and glue.
A wreath form. You choose the size! I would recommend getting a light colored one just because it is more easily hidden, but if you already have a darker one that would work too. 

Heart Picks. There are red ones and pink ones, sparkly ones, and felt ones. I used a combination of all of the above. Total I used around 6 packages of these.

White loofah's. I used 3, but depending on the size of your wreath you could use more or less.

Spray adhesive. I got this from Hobby Lobby. 

"Shaved Ice". Also from Hobby Lobby. This is definitely optional, I actually liked the wreath without it better I think!

What to do:

 1. Cut the ties in the middle of the loofah to unravel it and, using your hot glue gun, glue the loofah fabric around the wreath form. Bunch it up so that it hides the wreath. I ended up double layering loofah fabric on top of loofah fabric in order to completely hide the wreath. Once you have it glued you can go back and glue down places that look too fluffy or are out of place.

2. Start adding your hearts! {The wooden stick part easily pulls out of the heart if you just wiggle and pull.} There was no organization to the way I did this. I just evenly spaced them out and glued them on.

3. Once you have all of the hearts glued on that you want, spray with glue adhesive and sprinkle on the shaved ice evenly. {Do this outside!}

That's it! Ready to go on your door!

Total Project Cost = Around $25
 If you already own spray adhesive that will cut the cost in half. The spray adhesive I found was $12!
I think I like the original a little better than my version, but I like mine too! I'll consider my first wreath making a success! : )
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Do you put up Valentine's decorations?


  1. It's FABULOUS!!! Next year, I'm adding red hearts to mine!!!! xo, Kimberly (serendipity refined)

  2. The loofas are such a good idea!

  3. It turned out SO cute, Whit! The loofas are genius! I like the mix of hearts too...I hate having glitter in the house but it works well for a wreath since the glitter falls outside. I wanna make one now!

  4. I love this! I never thought of using a loofah for this! Looks awesome!

  5. This looks great! And I actually like it with the shaved ice

  6. It came out so cute! Great job!

  7. super cute, whitney!! i love the mix of red and pink - so pretty on your door! and awesome that you were able to find almost all the supplies at the dollar store. i've been hitting up the dollar tree a lot's amazing what you can find there!
    wishing you a wonderful thursday. <3<3<3

  8. super cute and so creative! I love v-day and all the decorations! I got those same hearts to fill glass votives :)

    {love jenny xoxo}

  9. This is adorable!! I am having major wreath envy.

  10. No, I don't do V-day decorations or any for that matter! I'm a total slacker. You did a great job. It's really pretty.

  11. Too cute!! You did a fab job!!

  12. So cute! I always say I'm going to decorate for V day but I never do.

    Hopefully soon :).

  13. Wow, this came out really well! I haven't done a DIY project in too long. You've got me wanting to get back at it again!
    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier!
    I'm now following you on GFC as well :)


  14. I am ALL about simple, but cute, diy crafts. If it takes more than an hour, it's too long :)
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I'm following you back now!


  15. Hi, I am your newest follower from the Aloha Blog Hop. You have a great blog. I hope you will visit me at My Dream Canvas and follow me back. Have a lovely weekend.

  16. Who would have thought to use a loofah?! Such a great idea and adorable wreath! You could totally do one of these for every season!

  17. Oh man I don't have any Valentines decor either! I get overwhelmed thinking I have to make more than just one measly thing! Love this, though!

  18. I love this for V-day! I would love to have you come link up your favorite posts at 'Or so she says...'. The link party will be open until this Tuesday. (Sat-Tues, every week.) Hope to see you there!

    Mariel @ Or so she says...

  19. This is super cute! I own like zero Valentines things as well. I think I may do this!