Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Puppies, Puppies, Puppies!

I want a puppy.
Big time!

The weather has been so nice this past week, which made me feel like taking trips to the park, and every time I go I leave with an empty feeling. That empty feeling is due to me being puppyless. I just know it!

So, to deal with my puppy fever for the time being, I have started looking at pictures of puppies, and thinking about what kind of puppy I might want. These are my top 5 so far:




Bernese Mountain Dog

And last, but certainly not least, a Samoyed. I think this is my personal favorite. I think!

Images from Google Images.

I wish I could have 1 of each. Or even just 1 at all!

Have any of you owned any of these types of dogs? I would love to know more about them, like their personalities, problems, etc. 
If not, which one has your vote for cutest? 

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  1. They are so cute!!! Goodness! If only i didn't have allergies:(

  2. They are so cute! I can't pick! I hope you get a doggie soon!!

  3. They are all just precious!!! You are such an animal person...always have been. Says a lot about the kind of heart you have..a big ole loving one :). I like the bernese mountain dog best...what a CUTIE.

  4. Hi new follower, I have owned 3 sweet corgi pups and have loved the breed. They are very athletic to be so short in size. We live on a farm and they love running with the cows. The temperament is also a plus. Each one I owned had a sweet personality. Quick story, my second female I got when she was 6 wkhs old and she would suck a pacifier and sleep. It was so precious. I highly recommend these dogs. Plus they don't require a lot of maintance or room, only love and care! Good luck. However, I think they are all beautiful dogs.

    1. Hi!
      First of all, thank you so much for following!
      Second, thanks for the corgi info! I have heard nothing but wonderful things about them and you just confirmed that they are great. How sweet that your little girl slept with a pacifier!

  5. I've wanted a corgi for so long but I found out they will try to herd you and bite your heels. We just adopted a 6 month old lab mix 3 weeks ago since labs are good family dogs. Puppies are so fun to have around!


  6. Found you from Katie's blog, for Lauren and Lauren and am now following your blog because 1. You are adorable 2. You like dogs 3. You love cats. Haha. I've always wanted a Bernese Mountain dog, they are gorgeous, but when we get a dog we are going to get one at a shelter. :)

  7. Omyheavens, they are ALL so so adorable!! My favorites are the Samoyed and Bernese Mountain dog!! Ahhh, they are too cute. My brother and dad have a corgi...this is their second. They are so friendly, sweet and loving. My dad always says it's the best breed he's ever owned. We had Huskies growing up and I loved them. The Samoyed is probably my favorite bc they remind me of Huskies. If we ever get a pup one day, I want a Miniature American Eskimo dog...I have put this photo on my blog before...I look at it when I need to smile or stop and, they remind me a lot of Samoyeds...
    I hope you get exactly what you want! Xoxox

  8. I have major puppy fever as well!! I just posted a FB pic of one thatg I am looking to adopt!!

  9. Labradoodles and Goldendoodles are the most PRECIOUS dogs ever! (Well second to my little squirt!)

  10. I've had a LOT of dogs in my day, but never any of these. Right now, we have a Boxer and a Lab mix. They are amazingly sweet, loyal dogs, and are great with Hudson!! All of these dogs are adorable, but the Corgi? With those sweet eyes? Ohmygosh!!!! Precious. Good luck deciding!! :)

  11. I love squishy puppy faces!!! My nursing professor has two corgies and they are literally the cutest things ever! :)

  12. Love love love puppies! sigh gush gasp :)

  13. CORGI!!! You know I have a personal bias for them :)

  14. I have a AKC Pembroke welsh corgi, and he is a doll. My Ranger is an Augi; his mom is an AKC Corgi and his dad is an ASDR Mini Australian Shepperd. Go with the Corgi!!!